2017 Schedule of Events

This year, we will be focusing many of our events around the East!  

Please keep checking back as we update the schedule!

Cauldron of Wishes
                   with the Maiden, Mother, and Crone

All throughout the day, you will be able to speak with a goddess and make a wish.  The Goddess will bless your wish and drop it into the cauldron.   At the end of the day, as part of our closing ritual, the Goddesses will come together and bless the Wishing Waters.   You may take a bottle of the Wishing Waters home with you as you depart.

2017 Ceremonies, Rituals, Speakers, & Workshops

(Maiden Goddess 10:00 -1)

10:00 – Opening Ceremony

10:30— Seasonal Rituals and Healing Magic – with Thorn Nightwind

12:00 – Main Ritual

(Mother Goddess 1 – 3:00)

1:00 – Spiritual Cleansings – with Silver RavenWolf

2:00 – Children’s Ritual – with Embersprite

(Crone Goddess 3:00 -5:30)

3:00 – Astrology, The Roadmap of Your Soul – with Julia Waters

4:00 – Gala Witchcraft and the Male Mysteries (for the Gay and Bi-sexual Man) – with Casey Giovinco

5:30 – Closing ceremony

*** Lady Embersprite will also have Kids Crafts available throughout the day!!!